Radio controlled cars come in various body types: cars, buggies, truggies, trucks and monster trucks, etc… The main difference with these is the ride height and body shell style. Off roading requires decent ride height so the RC vehicle can run on course and off road areas.

Electric Radio controlled cars have two main motor variants: brushed electric motor and brushless electric motor. The brushed electric motor RC vehicles are ideal for the beginner, quick enough to have fun, but not too quick, hence making it ideal to get used to the controls. Remember, we sell hobby models, please do not mistake our radio control models for toys. Even our cheapest models are still hobby models, which are much more fun and easy to find spares for and repair.

The brushless motor RC cars, buggies, truggies, trucks, etc… are as quick as the Nitro powered RC cars! These things fly! And as a result, a bit of experience is handy as a beginner would more than likely crash! Brushless motors are also quiet, and more suited to someone who just wants to use the car. Nitro RC and Petrol RC are more involving at first, but if you want more out of your electric brushless RC car you can always purchase upgrades and get involved in building and setting up the RC vehicle to your specification.

The same goes for the brushed motor RC cars, some are available with brushless motor upgrade kits, for that extra speed when you are ready. Typical speed comparisms are: 20-25mph for brushed motor RC cars, and 35mph and more for the heavier brushless trucks, 40mph and more for the smaller, lighter rc models. Again ugrades and modifications can make this as fast as you’d like. Nitro RC and Petrol RC cars come be much quicker!

Nitro RC cars are great fun, fast, powerful, and easy to repair with spares readily available. Nitro RC vehicles come in two main variants: built and ready to run, or self build kits that either included everything you need, or includes the mechanical parts and chassis, and you can use your own electronics from maybe another RC car if compatible, or purchase the electronics that will meet your specification requirements. We supply the Nitro Fuel too!

Petrol RC cars are the most expensive and biggest models we sell at 1/5 scale! Awesome RC Models, top of the range and you simply fill up with petrol and oil from the local petrol station. Petrol RC vehicles are also heavy, which makes them stable over bumps. This weight does not slow them down, there’s plenty of power to play with!

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