If you are new to the world of rc cars or are simply looking to buy one for a family member this Christmas, We will tell you all you need to know about Nitro RC cars and how to choose one.

Firstly, here are some basics; Nitro RC cars run off a Nitro based fuel which gives them incredible performance and speed. Depending on the size of the model, engine sizes range from 2cc up to 4.5cc and some of these engines develop as much as 4.5hp which is a huge amount of power for their size. They are also incredibly popular. Their performance, choice and affordability mean that they are possible the most popular type of model. There are so many different kinds to choose from but the two basic categories are off road and on road.

Off road Nitro RC cars are buggies and truggies which are built for tough terrain. These models are able to tackle very rough terrain at high speeds whilst still being very balanced. These models speeds and ability off road makes them incredibly popular and extremely contagious. An added bonus is that these rc cars can be used anywhere meaning they are very versatile.

On road rc cars are designed to be used on smooth surfaces. These models are suitable to be used on streets and roads but ideally they are built for the track and some serious off road racing! You now need to decide whether you want a ready built kit or a build it yourself kit. What you choose depends on whether you want to enjoy the process of building the model yourself or whether you just want to use it straight away and get out racing!

A ready to run Nitro RC car is already fully built which will come with all the things you need to use it straight away. The model will come fully assembled with all the servos and radio gear and the engine meaning you can get racing immediately. All you will need to buy is some Nitro fuel to power it. A build it yourself Nitro RC car comes in kit form meaning that you will build the car from scratch. Most online retailers and model shops will do special deals where the kit will come with an engine and all the necessary radio gear for one price.

If it is your first model or you are buying one for a family member, my advice is to buy one ready built so that you can become fully accustomed to maintaining and assembling model cars. Once you have experience, then you are ready to buy a build it yourself kit. When searching for a Nitro RC car, do some diligent research in the internet. There are lots of online stores that sell these kinds of models so have a look at these websites, look at reviews, take some advice from members of online forums and then choose one based on your research.

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