Both electric and nitro rc cars offer blistering performance and handling, but which is the quickest? Nitro models are powered by small 2 stroke engines which run on nitro fuel that can push these models to over 75mph, so pretty quick! Electric rc cars have acquired a new technology; brushless motors and high power batteries. This new technology has taken them to a new level of performance and some brushless powered models can run at speeds of over 60 mph! They are brutally fast and quick. So which is the best in performance? Well it is tight but if we look at an average stock model, I would have to say that nitro rc cars just pip the electric models on performance out of the box.

The brushless motor RC cars, buggies, truggies, trucks, etc… are as quick as the Nitro powered RC cars! These things fly! And as a result, a bit of experience is handy as a beginner would more than likely crash! Brushless motors are also quiet, and more suited to someone who just wants to use the car. Nitro RC and Petrol RC are more involving at first, but if you want more out of your electric brushless RC car you can always purchase upgrades and get involved in building and setting up the RC vehicle to your specification.

The next test is usability. When you first buy a nitro model, they can be tricky to setup and require a lot of on-going maintenance to keep them running properly. So for new enthusiasts, this can prove frustrating. Electric rc cars on the other hand are extremely easy to setup and use. You simply charge your battery, turn it on and off you go! They do not require so much maintenance as well. So the winner in this contest is electric rc cars hands down!

The next test is reliability; Nitro model cars can be notoriously unreliable if not looked after properly. If they are not maintained regularly and kept clean, you can encounter starting problems and loss of performance. Electric rc cars are generally very reliable. The only things you need to be careful of are making sure bare wires are not exposed so to avoid short circuits and also to make sure that the delicate electronics do not get wet, because if they do, your electronics are finished! However the winner of this contest is electric model cars.

The next contest is turnaround on refuelling. Nitro model cars are incredibly quick to turnaround once they run out of fuel. You simply fill the tank up and off you go! You can get about 20 minutes out of one tank of fuel and fuel costs about £14 per gallon which results in endless and seamless fun. Electric rc cars on the other hand require charging at the end of every run. The powerful brushless models run for about 10 minutes before they require charging again. You also need to carry spare batteries or carry a portable charger around with you if you want to go racing or want to use it for a few hours which means you have to carry round lots of kit. The clear winner in this contest is nitro rc cars for their quick turnaround.

The last test is price and choice. There are loads of different kinds of nitro model cars on the market for you to choose from. On road, off road, buggies or truggies there is loads of choice available. Many are also reasonably priced meaning that they are affordable for many people. There is also a huge choice of electric rc cars available and many are also very reasonably priced. So for this contest, I call a draw as both types of good choice and affordability.